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Re: Guix on the MNT Reform

From: Joshua Branson
Subject: Re: Guix on the MNT Reform
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2021 19:27:56 -0400
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"Jonathan McHugh" <> writes:

> Hi Joshua,
> It does appear from the website that 4GB is the peak. It would be nice
> to take advantage of the open schematics and replace enough hardware
> to overcome this but that would be wasteful indulgence.
> Personally, I probably should prioritise a solid desktop/server to
> handle more onerous chores (such as buildfarming and compiling). And
> also a superb external keyboard... and then wait until the wheels fall
> off one of my laptops machines.

I'm down for that!  I'm actually hoping to crowdfund/purchase a Raptor
server.  There's a local ISP in town here.  Most of the businesses use
it.  I could approach them and ask how much it would cost to host a
server at their property.  Then it's just a matter of convincing people
to help me raise $9,000.  Something like, let's get a Guix Power9 build
server that guix people can hack on.  If you give $10, you get a webpage/gemini webpage for a year.  If you donate
$20, you get the previous perks plus an email account and so on.  Would
you like to help me work on this?

> Im still jealous of your 32GB Ram server, if you have enough ICT
> signal you may as well switch to a leaner laptop which interacts with
> your mothership.

That 32GB RAM server is for sale!  For $200 I can sell it to you for
16GB of RAM.  For $300 I can sell it for 16GB of RAM.  If you live in
the U.S., shipping would be pretty easy.

> FYI, Im getting increasing satisfaction from Gemini - so my RAM needs should 
> be shrinking considerably.
> Also, because of the Guix Linode cookbook (thanks guys!) I even got around to 
> pushing out a Gemini capsule.
> => 

Haha.  Chris Lemmer-Webber wrote the guide.  I just put it in the
cookbook.  :)

> Im really pleased that Guix is getting a grip on how to manage open hardware 
> and more FOSS centric infrastructure.
> Thanks for the pointer re Luke Leighton, i hope to investigate that
> down the road. Also, curious about the intersection between the MNT
> Reform team and Amiga hardware (extensions?).

I interview him a week or two ago?  He's got some really ambitious
plans for it.  He's also hiring for hardware/software developers.

(The video is also available on the non-free platform.  You know which
one).  :)

> Kind regards,
> Jonathan
> August 29, 2021 9:10 PM, "Joshua Branson" <> wrote:
>> "Jonathan McHugh" <> writes:
>>> I hope you are enjoying the mechanical keyboard, it seems great!
>> The MNT reform does seem like my dream laptop. I do want a mechanical
>> keyboard. What's the max RAM on the reform? I thought it was 4GB?
>> Sounds pretty low...
>> Though I do like what Luke Leighton is doing with the power SOC/GPU.
>>> ====================
>>> Jonathan McHugh
>>> August 17, 2021 7:24 PM, "Christine Lemmer-Webber" <> 
>>> wrote:
>>>> Hi! Well my MNT Reform arrived. I'd like to start putting Guix on it
>>>> but I'm kind of low on time right now...
>>>> I wonder if anyone else has started making progress towards this?
>>>> What I'd love: a tutorial that says "here are the steps to make an sd
>>>> card you can boot your reform with"!
>>>> Christopher Lemmer Webber writes:
>>> I'm very excited to see the MNT Reform launch:
>>> Completely hackable laptop; all the designs (that are possible) are
>>> libre, and you can even 3d print to replace many of the parts.
>> --
>> Joshua Branson (jab in #guix)
>> Sent from Emacs and Gnus
>> "You can have whatever you want, as long as you help
>> enough other people get what they want." - Zig Ziglar

Joshua Branson (jab in #guix)
Sent from Emacs and Gnus
  "You can have whatever you want, as long as you help
enough other people get what they want." - Zig Ziglar

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