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Re: Guix Printing Problems

From: Peter
Subject: Re: Guix Printing Problems
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2021 04:50:14 +1000

Hi Tobias

Thanks very much for your response.

Sadly, my situation is unchanged. Not entirely unchanged, as your suggestions 
helped me realise what I was doing wrong regarding the web-interface. I can now 
access the full CUPS data via http://localhost:631, but all that gives me is 
more commands to try that Guix won't run! Advice I can't follow.

I added 'lp' (and also 'lpadmin' from someone else's suggestion) to the groups 
section, but that's made no difference either. The annoying reality remains: 
the system can host the discovery of every imaginable detail about the printer 
-- down to how many pages I've ever printed! -- but having made sufficient 
connection to pull in all that data, claims it cannot find the printer. 
Checkmate. Nonsense.

On the good side, I've learned a lot during the struggle, and I'll leave the 
installation in place for the moment. However, unless something turns up to 
turn 'foxed' into 'fixed', a system that doesn't print just isn't practical.

Can we persuade the legendary RMS to turn his fruitful attention to the cause 
he promotes!

But sincere thanks once again, and all the best to you and yours.


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