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Re: Run .deb or .rpm packages

From: André A . Gomes
Subject: Re: Run .deb or .rpm packages
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2021 20:10:47 +0000
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Julien Lepiller <> writes:

> I don't think it's a good idea to use a .deb or .rpm with guix, as
> they contain precompiled software. Even considering free software,
> they are compiled with a giver system (probably ubuntu and fedora,
> respectively) that make them incompatible with guix. Even if you
> successfuly installed them, I'm afraid you'd get a confusing "file not
> found" anyway.
> You should ask your government for the source code, and compile it for
> the guix system. Sorry that this is my best answer, it's probably not
> what you wanted to hear :/

I totally agree with you.  I actually made that request, but I was told
that I have no right to access the sources :)

I was wondering if it was technically possible, though.  But I
understand your comment that I'd get a "file not found" anyway.

>From a freedom perspective, what are my options?  Running a virtual
machine with ubuntu/fedora for this sole purpose?  Thank you Julien.

André A. Gomes
"Free Thought, Free World"

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