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Re: Loading Common Lisp Libraries with GNU/Guix in a REPL

From: Katherine Cox-Buday
Subject: Re: Loading Common Lisp Libraries with GNU/Guix in a REPL
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2021 11:01:34 -0600
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Edouard Klein <> writes:

I also don't know the canonical way, but I do it a different way. I'm wondering 
what the simpler way to do things is? I know nothing about rlwrap. But here's 
how I do things:

Depending on the project, I may have a =guix.scm= package defined for it or 
not. This only changes how I invoke =guix shell=, not the technique.

>From emacs, I run slime: with =C-u M-x slime=. It prompts me for which lisp I 
>want to run, and then I type =guix shell -D -- sbcl=. This seems pretty simple.

I think I did have to include this in my bash initialization though. I'm not 
sure if it will work without it, or if there's a more correct way to do what 
I'm doing:

#+begin-src bash
if [ -n "${GUIX_ENVIRONMENT}" ]; then
    export PATH="${GUIX_ENVIRONMENT}/bin:${PATH}"
    export PATH="${GUIX_ENVIRONMENT}/sbin:${PATH}"

I hope this helps!


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