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Re: Guix Merch?

From: Ry P.
Subject: Re: Guix Merch?
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2021 22:01:55 -0800

Those look great! Were they both done DIY or through a printing shop? I'd be interested in researching ethical screenprinting/printing shops to get more of these made (and I'm sure we could get more designs made?). If anyone has any suggestions that would be most welcome. :)

On 12/19/21 1:36 AM, Pascal Lorenz wrote:
Good idea! I had myself a t-shirt and some stickers printed a few weeks ago:

On 11. Dec 2021, at 23:23, opalvaults (ry) via <> wrote:


Is there the possibility of getting GNU Guix merch (stickers, shirts, etc) at some point in the future? I've seen others in #guix express interest and I think it could be a good way to support some of the core developers or project perhaps.

Thanks :)

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