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Re: Avoiding rebuilds (e.g. of mariadb, the entire Rust chain, etc.)?

From: David Lecompte
Subject: Re: Avoiding rebuilds (e.g. of mariadb, the entire Rust chain, etc.)?
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2021 09:23:56 +0000

Le dimanche 26 décembre 2021 à 23:41 -0600, Matthew Brooks a écrit :
> Is there any way to avoid rebuilding stuff like mariadb, the entire
> Rust chain, etc. unless one of those packages *actually* changes? It
> seems like every few days every single package needs to rebuild for
> some reason, including many packages that spend unbelievably long
> times running tests that will never actually be of use to me, so I'm
> usually only able to update every couple of weeks since so much
> constantly needs to be rebuilt and everything takes so long.

I don't have a solution, just similar experience but with a different

I use Guix on Trisquel on my X200, I have substitues enabled, my
installed packages are glibc-locales, fontconfig, font-adobe-source-
han-sans, gajim, gajim-omemo, gajim-openpgp, nheko, syncthing,
darktable,  and ungoogled-chromium.

Often, "guix pull" and "guix package update" take between 1h and 2h.
This is not due to the download time. Apparently, even with substitues,
some CPU-heavy work is needed.

> It seems to have gotten worse over time as well, as more and more
> base packages pull in extremely computation-hungry dependency chains.
> At this very moment, for example, I'm waiting for Rust & co. to
> compile simply to delete old system generations from the bootloader.

I started "guix package -u" about 40h ago, it has been on ungoogled-
chromium-96.0.4664.110-1.drv for more than 30h now and it is not

For a long time, both cores of the CPU have been at 100% load. Now, it
is much lower and I see a lot of disk activity but still working.
During the whole time, I have almost not used the computer at all.

I will have to travel in two hours and I need to switch my laptop off
first. If the update is not finished, I will stop the process. I guess
I will remove ungoogled chromium as well.

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