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Devuan replaced grub and runs before Guix

From: Youni Git
Subject: Devuan replaced grub and runs before Guix
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2021 00:32:18 +0100
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Hello, dear developers! Merry Christmas and Happy New year!I would like to ask 
questions I did not dug in the web, I hope there are short answers.I had Guix 
OS installed on /dev/sda and i had grub bootloader there configured to run guix 
and devuan from another sdd, my 
 worked fine, i could boot to Guix or choose Devuan from the grub menu 
controlled by Guix.But i made Devuan 3 to Devuan 4 upgrades. And Devuan 
replaced grub and now i have no guix in the menu.I think i can add Guix to 
devuan grub menu, but I'm not sure I can find /vmlinuz and /initrd files in the 
Guix partitions.I have 3 questions:1. How to boot Guix manually from grub 
command line?2. How can I add Guix OS to devuan grub menu, which files i need 
to use for linux image and initrd, where to find them on Guix?3. Can I easy 
replace back grub by Guix making guix controls grub again?Thank you.

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