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Re: guix home .bashrc query

From: Paul Jewell
Subject: Re: guix home .bashrc query
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2021 12:15:57 +0000
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On 29/12/2021 12:06, Paul Jewell wrote:
I am starting to work with guix home, and after the simple "guix home import" and guix home reconfigure with the created configuration, I note that the .bashrc now has the original content from my .bashrc, but duplicated, with one exception - the check to see if /etc/bashrc is present before sourcing it has been removed. The aliases referenced in the configuration file are also added at the bottom (no surprise in this case - I should just remove them from the copy of .bashrc taken during the import).

Is this duplication a bug, or have I missed something? I can of course share the configuration file and the contents of .bashrc if that is helpful.


Re-reading what I posted, I think I wasn't clear enough. To be absolutely clear - when I say duplicated, I mean the original contents of .bashrc are now in the new .bashrc file twice.

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