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Re: Can't open a container-shell

From: Dominic Martinez
Subject: Re: Can't open a container-shell
Date: Wed, 02 Mar 2022 22:09:31 -0500
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Cássio Tavares <> writes:

I have created a profile from the attached `manifest.scm`, meant to be used in a container shell, so as to isolate activity X from the everything else. After everything was setup, I tried to initiate the shell with this command:

guix shell  -c 4 -M 6 --no-cwd --pure --container --network \
            --manifest=./etc/manifest.scm                   \
            --share=./home/sys-conf                         \
            --user=sys-conf                                 \
            --profile=./home/sys-conf/.guix-profile         \

But this doesn't work, and I get this error message:

guix shell: error: "--profile" can't be used with package options

--profile sources an existing guix profile (which is a group of package installations), while --manifest or other package options create a new profile with the defined packages. These two things are contradictory.

Is there a specific reason you included the --profile flag? I think you'll probably get the behaviour you imagine without it.

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