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Guix for Corporate "Batch Jobs"?

From: Yasuaki Kudo
Subject: Guix for Corporate "Batch Jobs"?
Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2022 06:16:41 +0900


In many so-called Application Support jobs in the enterprises, one of the core 
responsibilities is to see through the daily completion of "batch jobs" - those 
I/O heavy processes that take a long time to run, even with parallel processing.

And at the core of it is to "re-run" the jobs, after due troubleshooting.

In many workplaces I have seen, teams ended up writing their own job schedulers 
based on cron or used proprietary software such as Autosys (and in Japan, there 
are local brews such as A-Auto, if I remember the name correctly).

But none of the solutions above take good care of the mechanical incremental 
computation aspect and a lot of optimization (say skip this and that because 
they don't matter during re-runs) depend on the operators' sweat and judgement 
Can Guix be put into good use in this area do you think?  Or maybe another way 
of asking this question is, can Guix be used a general compiler such as 'make'? 
 Knowing that 'make' still exists so - is there any reason why Guix just can't 
take over?

Maybe similar questions have been already asked in the Nix world as well?   I 
would love to know! 😄


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