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Re: Does guix not include samba service?

From: Simon Streit
Subject: Re: Does guix not include samba service?
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2022 11:34:58 +0100
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Tobias Geerinckx-Rice <> writes:
> Nope, there is no samba service in Guix (yet :-).

I've actually been working on one, which happens to be my final thesis
for my school course.  I completed it, and handed it in.  But stopped
shy from posting it to the Guix community.  But I've been too quiet on
this subject lately.

I got a basic service running, have written some documentation for the
manual.  But stopped short of submitting patches.  I am not convinced
that it is good enough to be included into Guix though.

It definetly needs better improving.  Yesterday I finally started to
refactor it and have prepared it to implement a config serialiser.
Samba's configuration framework overwhelmed me for a bit.

Anyone willing to see its basic shape?  I should prepare a local Guix
branch somewhere for anyone who's interested to see it.

Kind regards

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