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Re: guix running advice: correct?

From: Julien Lepiller
Subject: Re: guix running advice: correct?
Date: Wed, 04 Jan 2023 18:08:44 +0100
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Hi Andy,

I'm the author of this advice. I think it's still correct. It's mostly sanity 
checks that you would run to ensure you can get packages from this channel. 
Most of it is scattered around the manual, mostly in the manual installation 

~/.config/guix/current is where your new guix (the one you pulled with the 
channel) is installed. If it's not first in $PATH, you're at risk that some 
other guix will be used instead.

hash is a command that removes an entry from the shell's cache. If this is your 
first pull, the guix you used comes from another location that is recorded by 
the shell, so you have to clear the cache to use the newly pulled guix. If your 
guix already comes from the correct location, it'll be useless but it won't 


Le 3 janvier 2023 06:31:25 GMT+01:00, Andy Tai <> a écrit :
>Hi, from this page
>Important checks
>Make sure your guix environment is set up properly. You need to have
>~/.config/guix/current as the first item in your $PATH or you're going
>to run into troubles. Additionally, after running guix pull, make sure you
>run hash guix in any open terminal to make sure bash's cache is cleared of
>the old guix binary location.
>I wonder if the above is correct, as I do not recall seeing anything in
>Guix doc mentioning such advice or something to that effect (unless I
>missed it)

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