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Re: gcc-toolchain-4.8 build failure

From: Simon Tournier
Subject: Re: gcc-toolchain-4.8 build failure
Date: Fri, 06 Jan 2023 16:35:31 +0100

Hi Petr,

On Mon, 26 Dec 2022 at 09:07, phodina via <> wrote:

> So I grabbed the gcc-toolchain-4.8 and found out it's broken and
> doesn't build without errors. [1]

Note gcc-4.7 is also failing,

but gcc-4.9 builds fine,

Well, I guess gcc-toolchain@4.8 is built using gcc-toolchain@10 and
probably some incompatibilities.  Well, my attempt is failing…

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
$ guix build -e '(@@ (gnu packages gcc) gcc-4.8)'   \
       --with-c-toolchain=gcc-4.8=gcc-toolchain@4.9 \


cfns.gperf: At global scope:
cfns.gperf:101:1: error: ‘const char* libc_name_p(const char*, unsigned int)’ 
redeclared inline with ‘gnu_inline’ attribute
cfns.gperf:26:14: note: ‘const char* libc_name_p(const char*, unsigned int)’ 
previously declared here
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

Bah, I do not know. :-)


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