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Re: guix package build: can distcc be used?

From: Simon Tournier
Subject: Re: guix package build: can distcc be used?
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2023 12:16:04 +0100


On ven., 06 janv. 2023 at 10:48, Vagrant Cascadian <> wrote:

> I believe distcc would allow sending the workload of individual parts of
> a single package to multiple machines, so a bit finer grained than guix
> offload, which can only send a single package (or more accurately,
> derivation?) to each of the offloading machines, if I understand
> correctly.

Well, I would be interested to see charts comparing the overall
compilation time versus the number of files vs the number of remote
workers.  Especially for various network connection links between the
client and the volunteer machines versus the performance of the hardware
storage. :-)

Speaking about improving some compilation performances, it could be nice
to have a kind of optional ccache [1].  For instance,

  guix build foo --cache
  edit foo-recipe
  guix build foo --cache

would avoid to rebuild again and again the same parts.


1: <>

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