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"Could not resolve host" while using git-fetch

From: Zach Philipchook
Subject: "Could not resolve host" while using git-fetch
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2023 01:31:16 +0200


I'm trying to define and build a package with guix on Arch Linux. I'm
getting a "Could not resolve host:" error when building. The
nscd daemon is running. I'm not experiencing any name resolution problems
outside guix.

The package definition:
guix command I'm executing: `guix package --manifest=manifest.scm -v3`
guix log:
nscd command: `sudo nscd --debug`
nscd log:

There's nothing related to "" in the nscd log, which makes me
question whether it is used for the name resolution at all. Since, for
example, if I run `ping` on the host, I do see ""
being mentioned in the nscd log.


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