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Guix supported-systems option

From: phodina
Subject: Guix supported-systems option
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2023 19:33:13 +0000


I have recently uncovered a "feature" that works little bit than described in 
the manual,

During definition of a new variable, package, there is an option called 
supported-systems​ which defaults to %default-systems​.

However, if the package is known to work on certain architecture the right 
thing is to list the supported architectures, right?

If I select package which is not supported by my current architecture and build 
it I get notification like this one:
`warning: package grafana@9.3.2 does not support x86_64-linux`

So suppose I have the same package for different architectures, each has it's 
own unique tarball.

I've defined one package and inherited from it, changing the source​ for the 
other and selecting the correct supported-systems​.
Unfortunately, this approach fails as Guix does not select the right package I 
want to use on the current system.

So should the approach be to define just one variable for the package and then 
conditionally select the right tarball/git for the package?

Also is this considered bug or a feature?

FIY I know the right way would be to build Grafana from source in this case 
which would solve the issue I just wanted to know in general more about the use 
case of the supported-systems​ option.


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