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guix shell set user groups to access security token

From: Alexander Asteroth
Subject: guix shell set user groups to access security token
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2023 12:08:46 +0100
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Dear all,

I'm trying to get my security token software (sealone) to work under
guix SD. The software is unfortunately not available in source and seems
to expect a FSH filesystem. I therefore tried to run it in guix shell. A
first trial was:

guix shell -CFD ungoogled-chromium gcc:lib --expose=/dev

in this environment I can execute the software and the tokes get's
connected but reports some error condition and is not usable. It might
have to do with the user not beeing in group cdrom which usually is
necessary to access /dev/sg0.

Any idea how to set the groups the user is member of in guix shell?
Or any other idea how I could get such software to work under guix?


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