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Re: "profile contains conflicting entries"

From: Andy Tai
Subject: Re: "profile contains conflicting entries"
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2023 14:17:26 -0800

Hi, to add some info,

currently gnu/packages/glib.scm in guix.git defines
glib at version 2.70.2
glib-next at version 2.73.3

and meld depends on glib while  guile-g-golf depends on glib-next

supposedly glib-next can replace glib but I assume that may impact
many gnome things and may be risky.

In any case, suggestions on work sounds would be greatly appreciated

On Mon, Jan 16, 2023 at 10:49 AM Andy Tai <> wrote:
> Hi, I run into this:
> $ guix install guile-g-golf
> The following package will be installed:
>    guile-g-golf 0.8.0-a.1
> guix install: error: profile contains conflicting entries for glib
> guix install: error:   first entry: glib@2.73.3
> /gnu/store/514nix1lfipx98hd3prjhq9vcv9iiw01-glib-2.73.3
> guix install: error:    ... propagated from gobject-introspection@1.73.1
> guix install: error:    ... propagated from guile-g-golf@0.8.0-a.1
> guix install: error:   second entry: glib@2.70.2
> /gnu/store/c4vz6q8i552yhqj6sq8cw5xqcjv8g3cf-glib-2.70.2
> guix install: error:    ... propagated from dconf@0.40.0
> guix install: error:    ... propagated from meld@3.20.4
> hint: Try upgrading both `guile-g-golf' and `meld', or remove one of
> them from the profile.
> while the suggested solution works (I did not install one of the two),
> I wonder is there a better way to solve this, like somehow
> automatically update the dependency, as clearly meld shall be able to
> use the later glib present?

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