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Re: What are you doing for a screen locker?

From: Maxim Cournoyer
Subject: Re: What are you doing for a screen locker?
Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2023 20:17:57 -0500
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kiasoc5 <> writes:

> On 1/21/23 13:44, Christine Lemmer-Webber wrote:
>> I used to use xscreensaver.  I kinda miss it.  It's still broken, see
>> bug #57919.
>> But really, the lack of xscreensaver has made me move back to Gnome
>> and
>> recently Gnome started having weird bugs on my hardware, so then I
>> wanted to move back to stumpwm.  But I simply don't understand how to
>> get screen locking to work right without xscreensaver, which at least
>> had made it relatively easy.
>> The cookbook contains some info on how to use session locking with
>> xorg
>> but it doesn't seem like complete information.  I'd be interested if
>> people would share their configurations.  Thanks!
> xlockmore and slock are installed in %base-packages and should work
> out of the box on Xorg.

I use xlockmore, but beware that it'll peak one of your core 100% while
used.  Perhaps there's something better?


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