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Re: Newbie: Run previous version of Inkscape that exists in /gnu/store

From: Rodrigo Morales
Subject: Re: Newbie: Run previous version of Inkscape that exists in /gnu/store
Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2023 17:49:37 +0000

When I run Inkscape v1.2.1 using an absolute path, Inkscape is
successfully opened.

When I run Inkscape v1.1.1 using an absolute path, a window with a
button "Close" and a message "Inkscape encountered an internal error
and will close now" is opened and some messages are shown in the
terminal where I run the command. See [1] (I'm not pasting it here
because it is 198 lines long).

I thought this problem had to do with the content of
~/.config/inkscape and ~/.cache/inkscape since those folders might be
read at startup by those versions and those directories might not be
backward compatible, so I deleted those folders and I run v1.1.1 using
the absolute path again, but the same window was opened. See [2].


On Sat, 3 Jun 2023 at 03:39, 宋文武 <> wrote:
> Rodrigo Morales <> writes:
> > [...]
> > | 140M    /gnu/store/qp8msw5js3gdpdlq1r8nxz4frnzc39lh-inkscape-1.1.1
> > | 181M    /gnu/store/3a7a5i1f4c917vlnzyy9d68s55ijiq50-inkscape-1.2.1
> >
> > I want to run v1.1.1 because I want to do some experiments to test the
> > performance of these two versions. Preferably, I want to run those two
> > versions at the same time. If that's not possible, at least I want to be
> > able to switch between those two versions. How to do this?
> Does run them by path from command line in a terminal emulator works?
>  /gnu/store/qp8msw5js3gdpdlq1r8nxz4frnzc39lh-inkscape-1.1.1/bin/inkscape
>  /gnu/store/3a7a5i1f4c917vlnzyy9d68s55ijiq50-inkscape-1.2.1/bin/inkscape

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