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Re: Newbie: Run previous version of Inkscape that exists in /gnu/store

From: Soren Stoutner
Subject: Re: Newbie: Run previous version of Inkscape that exists in /gnu/store
Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2023 13:07:58 -0600

The official channels do not seem to have retained the information necessary to build Inkscape 1.1.1.

You would likely need to use an older version of the SCM to build 1.1.1. Perhaps something like this:

Once you do get a SCM that can build 1.1.1, you might be interested in using `guix shell` to run them side-by-side without having the configuration file from one cause problems for the other.

Something similar to the following two commands would likely do what you want.

guix shell --container --no-cwd inkspace@1.1.1 -- inkscape
guix shell --container --no-cwd inkscape@1.2.1 -- inkscape

If you are using a local SCM for the older version of Inkscape, your first command might look something more along the lines of:

guix shell --container --no-cwd /path/to/inkscape1.1.1.scm -- inkscape

Soren Stoutner

On 2023-06-04 12:08, Rodrigo Morales wrote:
I tried using that notation. However, `guix package -i' was not able to
install it.

| guix package -i 'inkscape@1.1.1'
| echo "--- Exit code: $?"

| guix package: error: inkscape: package not found for version 1.1.1
| --- Exit code: 1

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