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Guix on Macintosh?

From: Yasuaki Kudo
Subject: Guix on Macintosh?
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2023 21:50:33 +0900
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I started to experiment with VSCode DevContainers, to see if it is possible for Linux/Windows/Macintosh users to share the same Linux development environment.

I work at a worker cooperative ( our federation site is here at ) and one thing we have in common is to work from various places on the planet and we like having all services that make up a (web) application on our laptop computers, etc.

As we all know, the way Docker works means there is horrendous waste on hard drives and network.  So I am thinking of using Guix.  However, I understand that there is no native support for Guix for Macintosh.

Although I am not terribly sure (yet) how Guix may or may not help with script specific packages such as NPM..., my biggest question is how a Mancintosh user can take advantage of Guix.

There are quite a lot of programmers with those shiny Mac Laptops...  Of course, as a last resort, there must be some Intel emulators for these so one can install Linux and Windows on top of them but I wonder if:

* Guix Package Manger can be installed within a Docker Container which can be hosted on a Macintosh?

The reason I am asking about Mac in particular is that Windows does a decent Linux emulation with WSL2 and my solution would seem to work.  I just don't have any Mac hardware so I cannot tell for sure if this is at all viable...

If it does, although this might be a little convoluted but I think we can use Guix as part of a Docker container that is meant for programmers in the same development team.

Many thanks  in advance!!


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