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Re: Guix on Macintosh?

From: Yasuaki Kudo
Subject: Re: Guix on Macintosh?
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2023 19:07:27 +0900
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Thank you all for your replies!

So I spent many hours figuring out how DevContainers for VSCode worked and seems very promising.

It seems all we need to do is to have a Guix Container and we should be able to take advantage of Guix for our daily, ordinary work!

Docker for MacOS does seem to run Linux containers.

Of course, we can do full virtual machine as you suggested but I would prefer to stretch Docker as far as we can, so we can stay close to the environment of our choice!



On 6/19/23 21:50, Yasuaki Kudo wrote:

I started to experiment with VSCode DevContainers, to see if it is possible for Linux/Windows/Macintosh users to share the same Linux development environment.

I work at a worker cooperative ( our federation site is here at ) and one thing we have in common is to work from various places on the planet and we like having all services that make up a (web) application on our laptop computers, etc.

As we all know, the way Docker works means there is horrendous waste on hard drives and network.  So I am thinking of using Guix.  However, I understand that there is no native support for Guix for Macintosh.

Although I am not terribly sure (yet) how Guix may or may not help with script specific packages such as NPM..., my biggest question is how a Mancintosh user can take advantage of Guix.

There are quite a lot of programmers with those shiny Mac Laptops...  Of course, as a last resort, there must be some Intel emulators for these so one can install Linux and Windows on top of them but I wonder if:

* Guix Package Manger can be installed within a Docker Container which can be hosted on a Macintosh?

The reason I am asking about Mac in particular is that Windows does a decent Linux emulation with WSL2 and my solution would seem to work.  I just don't have any Mac hardware so I cannot tell for sure if this is at all viable...

If it does, although this might be a little convoluted but I think we can use Guix as part of a Docker container that is meant for programmers in the same development team.

Many thanks  in advance!!


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