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Re: Failed to autoload read-substitute-urls in (guix scripts discover)

From: Vagrant Cascadian
Subject: Re: Failed to autoload read-substitute-urls in (guix scripts discover)
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2023 09:44:37 -0700

On 2023-06-21, Philip McGrath wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 9, 2023, at 2:43 PM, Vagrant Cascadian wrote:
>> On 2023-06-07, Philip McGrath wrote:
> I forgot earlier that I had used `sudo systemctl edit
> guix-daemon.service` to add `--discover` to the command line for
> `/usr/bin/guix-daemon` on the broken machine, but not on the working
> machine. Removing that option got things working again!

> I think there is actually a Debian bug, though, because it looks like
> the Debian package really doesn't have code for the module `(guix
> scripts discover)`, and running with `--discover` ought to be
> supported. Vagrant, I haven't come up with a minimum reproducible
> example yet, but I can open a report now if you like, or feel free to
> do it yourself.

Yes, please file a bug at ... if this bug has been fixed
in newer commits on upstream guix, that would be helpful information! :)

live well,

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