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Need help creating a new user account in Guix Distro

From: Dr Ibrahim El-Nahhal
Subject: Need help creating a new user account in Guix Distro
Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2023 10:41:14 +0300

Dear Guix Community,

I am reaching out to ask for your help in creating a new user account in
Guix Distro. I have used the "useradd" command to create the account, and
it was successful. However, I am unable to login to this account.

I searched for a solution on " and and google bard and
chatgpt and monica google chrome extension" and it suggested using the
command "sudo guix system user USERNAME=USER HOME_DIRECTORY=DIR", but
unfortunately, the "user" option is not available in Guix System.

I want to create a new user account and a new Guix profile so that I can
experiment with other Emacs configurations such as scimax for emacs. I am
currently using Emacs EXWM on GNU Guix System Distribution and living
completely inside it, but I am still a newbie.

Any help or guidance on how to create a new user account successfully would
be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

Best regards,


Ibrahim Yasser Zidan El-Nahhal

PhD in Environmental Chemistry - UNIVERSITE DE TOULON-FRANCE

Gaza Strip

00970, Palestine
Mobile : +970595546839

WOMS Site :  WOMS15 <> - WOMS18
Research Gate Profile :
Scopus Author ID: 57215682063
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Google Scholar Account:

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