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Re: guix pull: computing Guix derivation takes forever

From: Csepp
Subject: Re: guix pull: computing Guix derivation takes forever
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2023 15:13:32 +0200

akib via <> writes:

> I've just installed Guix on a partition of my new HDD.  After the
> installation I logged in to my user account on a Linux console and
> executed 'guix pull'.  After that it pulled the repository and
> computed Guix derivation, but stuck while updating substitutes.  So I
> thought something is wrong and restarted the command.  Now the pull
> operation always stucks while computing Guix derivation.  There is no
> sign of activity according to top.

Is this maybe related to the CC'd bug?
There the freeze happens later, during the building phase for
packages-base, but it seems like the symtoms are the same.
Does this happen every time you try?
Could you get a backtrace with GDB?
I think the incantation was:
set logging on
thread apply all backtrace

And then the output should be gdb.txt.

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