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Re: Newbie: How to edit a faulty package definition?

From: Skyler Ferris
Subject: Re: Newbie: How to edit a faulty package definition?
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2023 22:21:41 +0000

> ======================================
>    The reason is that I'm currently using `guix home reconfigure' and
>    even though I use the `-L' flag, `guix home' gives higher priority to
>    `emacs-subed', so the build process fails and `guix home' can't exit
>    successfully due to that faulty package.

You can resolve the ambiguity using features available in guile itself. 
The easiest thing would be to give it a slightly different name, such as 
emacs-subed-customized, but you can still resolve it if you don't want 
to do that for some reason.

Since you're using the `-L` flag, I assume that you put the package 
definition in a file that defines a module. If not, see section 2.5.2 of 
the guile manual (1). Once it's in a module, you can either import the 
module with a prefix as described in section 6.18.2 (2) or you can use 
the `@` syntax to tell guile to pull the symbol out of that module 
directly; I don't see a full explanation of this in the manual right 
off, but it would look something like this: `(@ (gnu packages emacs-xzy) 
emacs-subed)`, except use the name of your module instead of the gnu module.



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