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Re: Whta is the significance of ~/.cache/guix/profiles?

From: wolf
Subject: Re: Whta is the significance of ~/.cache/guix/profiles?
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2023 10:31:12 +0200


On 2023-06-28 21:36:28 -0700, Felix Lechner via wrote:
> Hi Unstable Horse,
> > Just guessing based on a quick check of the contents of it on my
> > machine:  probably serves as a cache of guix shell profiles.
> I also think that's what they are.
> Removing the links won't save much space, though. You are probably
> better off sticking to 'guix gc' unless you have a specific reason.

I do not think this is entirely accurate.  The links serve as additional roots
for the garbage collector, so if your remove them, more items from the store can
be collected, possibly a lot more items.  On the other hand, those links should
be automatically cleaned after some time by guix shell.  So if you want to do as
thorough clean as possible, removing the links makes sense, but if you just want
to some light cleaning, you might very well leave it up to the guix shell.

> Kind regards
> Felix


There are only two hard things in Computer Science:
cache invalidation, naming things and off-by-one errors.

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