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Re: How to run a script on system shutdown/reboot

From: James Thomas
Subject: Re: How to run a script on system shutdown/reboot
Date: Sat, 01 Jul 2023 14:54:27 +0530
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Unstable Horse via wrote:

> Good day, people. I am browsing the shepherd's info docs, and I can't
> seem to find a way to run something right after either reboot, or halt
> were invoked.
> Something that is usually achieved by sticking a script into /etc/rc0.d
> in classical init systems, or /usr/lib/systemd/system-shutdown in
> systemd.

What I'd gleaned when I looked into this a while ago:

These functions are in elogind, whose hook directories are:

(PKGSYSCONFDIR = PREFIX/etc/elogind)/system-shutdown
(rootlibexecdir = (rootprefixdir = PREFIX)/lib/elogind)/system-shutdown

As of then both these directories pointed to the store build. I remember
trying to figure out whether to patch the package definition or elogind
itself, before I moved on to other things.


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