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Restart freezes after reconfiguring system

From: Georgios Athanasiou
Subject: Restart freezes after reconfiguring system
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2023 20:28:28 +0300
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Hello Guix!

I've been trying out Guix OS since about a week now.  It's been very
nice so far, though I do have a slight problem.

After running `guix system reconfigure' and then trying to restart my
computer, it won't restart.  I get a blank screen with the cursor
blinking at the top left corner, the computer not responding anymore.
I have to reboot by holding down the hardware button on the computer.
After the hard reboot, restart works as expected, until I reconfigure
the system again.

Powering off gives the same result, i.e. the computer freezes instead
of shutting down.  It doesn't matter whether I do it from inside Gnome
or a root console.

Does anyone else have this problem?  Could I manually restart some
service and then have restart work normally?


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