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python package dependencies conflict, pydot, ipython and pyparsings

Subject: python package dependencies conflict, pydot, ipython and pyparsings
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2023 15:28:40 +0200 (CEST)

Hi Guix! 

I'm trying to use both python-pydot and python-ipython and I'm stumbling 
accross a dependency problem. Pydot specifies pyparsings 2.4.7 as a propagated 
input. Ipython requires version 3.0.6. 

guix package: error: profile contains conflicting entries for python-pyparsing 
guix package: error: first entry: python-pyparsing@2.4.7 
guix package: error: ... propagated from python-pydot@1.4.2 
guix package: error: second entry: python-pyparsing@3.0.6 
guix package: error: ... propagated from python-packaging@21.3 
guix package: error: ... propagated from python-sphinx@5.1.1 
guix package: error: ... propagated from python-numpydoc@1.5.0 
guix package: error: ... propagated from python-ipython@8.5.0 

I thought naively that both versions could coexist (they are both present in 
the store) but there is visibly some magic missing to make this work within my 

I did a dirty hack, copied the content of pydot from graphviz.scm to a personal 
channel repository package, edited to remove the reference to the pyparsing 
version and it installs nicely alongside ipython and all the other the packages 
in my manifest (I did have to disable the tests, `delete 'check)` instead of 
the existing `replace 'check) sequence as it genrated errors but it should have 
no impact on dependencies I presume and re-introducing checks "just" requires 
debugging). Relevant excerpt from my dirty hack package definition: 

(define-public my-python-pydot 
(name "my-python-pydot") 
(version "1.4.2") 
(method url-fetch) 
(uri (pypi-uri "pydot" version)) 
(build-system python-build-system) 
(modify-phases %standard-phases 
;; checks disabled for testing 
(delete 'sanity-check) 
(delete 'check)))) 
(list python-pyparsing)) 
(home-page "";) 
(synopsis "Python interface to Graphviz's DOT language") 
"Pydot provides an interface to create, handle, modify and process 
graphs in Graphviz's DOT language, written in pure Python.") 
(license license:expat))) 

Pydot can then be imported in the python interpreter and a simple graph as 
given on the project's pypi page ( [ | ] ) works so I presume this is functionnal 
(haven't run further tests, I don't know pydot syntax well enough). Is there a 
reason I have missed to specify this precise version of pyparsings as a 
dependency for pydot in the official repo? If so, can I nonetheless have both 
ipython and pydot at the same time in my manifest using some magic trick? 



Oliver Henriot OSUG - ISTerre 
ISDeform / RENAg 

1381 rue de la piscine 
33 (0)4 57 42 18 62 
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