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Re: Serializing service config to YAML

From: Csepp
Subject: Re: Serializing service config to YAML
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2023 00:37:14 +0200

TakeV <> writes:

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> Hello there!
> I am attempting to create a service to run a package (specifically
> this via shepherd.
> I have the config defined as specified in the complex configuration
> part of the manual, and I was wondering if there are any existing
> examples of serializing configurations to YAML? Right now I have
> everything passing directly into the command line, and being able to
> serialize to a config and pass that in would be much cleaner, I
> believe.
> Thanks!
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Grepping through the source code didn't reveal any meaningful references
to yaml.
There is an ad-hoc config generator in gnu/services/web.scm that
generates a tailon-config.yml, but at a quick glance it doesn't seem to
be a generic converter.  But maybe it's a good starting point?
I checked guile-libyaml but it is only a parser and doesn't support
serializing Scheme into YAML as far as I can tell.

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