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Blind people unable to install Guix System

From: Simen Endsjø
Subject: Blind people unable to install Guix System
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2023 19:57:08 +0200
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It was brought to my attention that blind people runs into problems installing
Guix System, while Debian and Arch have solved this better.

The problem is outlined by the user k.g.roberts, ref

      The installer for Guix System 1.4.0 is basically the same as I remember 
it from
      a few years ago; boots almost immediately into an ncurses menu for locale
      selection and it takes another few screens to get to the option for a 
shell. No
      other assistive technologies built into the installer itself outside of 
      in the kernel, so a blind installation is doable over a remote connection 
      that point, but would likely be a hassle to get going without additional 
      from a sighted person.

Dave Dude mention a solution, ref <>:

      They’d need to add a console screen reader, like Fenrir or ESpeakup to the
      installation image, then have something to type, on the boot command 
line, to
      start the reader. Debian has done this, on its installation images for a 
      time. Arch now does something like this, too. Thanks for looking into 

I’m not the right person to do something like this, just thought I should report
it in case it’s easy to fix.

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