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G-expressions in native-search-paths

From: Reza Housseini
Subject: G-expressions in native-search-paths
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2023 11:01:26 +0200
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Hi List

I am trying to use g-expressions in nativ-search-paths field, but it fails with an error message, what is the issue her:

     (list (search-path-specification
            (variable "CFDEM_SRC_DIR")
            (files #~'((string-append "share/" #$name "-" #$version))))))

and the error message:

          11 (primitive-load "/gnu/store/3hbiwibrp9if0dhvyyhhdk87gb8…")
In ice-9/ports.scm:
   433:17 10 (call-with-output-file _ _ #:binary _ #:encoding _)
In guix/build/profiles.scm:
   100:23  9 (_ #<output: /gnu/store/2s49jj1sdm04zql9ivdpw5j1r5l2g41…>)
In srfi/srfi-1.scm:
   691:23  8 (filter-map #<procedure search-path-definition (spec)> . #)
In guix/search-paths.scm:
   202:22  7 (failure)
In ice-9/ports.scm:
    480:4  6 (with-error-to-port _ _)
In srfi/srfi-1.scm:
   673:15  5 (append-map #<procedure 2aaaadb2c360 at guix/build/uti…> …)
   586:17  4 (map1 ("/gnu/store/2s49jj1sdm04zql9ivdpw5j1r5l2g41b-pr…"))
   673:15  3 (append-map #<procedure 2aaaadb2c330 at guix/build/uti…> …)
   586:17  2 (map1 (quote ((string-append "share/" "cfdemcoupl…" …))))
In guix/build/utils.scm:
   601:42  1 (_ quote)
In unknown file:
           0 (string-append "/gnu/store/2s49jj1sdm04zql9ivdpw5j1r5l…" …)

ERROR: In procedure string-append:
In procedure string-append: Wrong type (expecting string): quote

which looks like he is trying to append a string to a string which should work in my opinion?

Reza Housseini

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