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Re: GDM not recognizing window manager; ChooseWM

From: James R. Haigh (+ML.GNU.Guix subaddress)
Subject: Re: GDM not recognizing window manager; ChooseWM
Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2023 13:47:01 +0100

Hi Patrick,

At Z-0500=2023-08-07Mon08:15:57, Patrick Pippen sent:
> […] My question is with gdm how do I get gdm to allow me to choose between 
> XFCE and Bspwm?

I don't know about GDM since haven't used it in years, but you may find 
ChooseWM a useful alternative.  Very simple, simply starts X11 with a 
fullscreen window asking your choice of preferred window manager for this 
session, in my case I3WM, BSPWM, & XMonad, with I3WM being the default 

        Even seems to come back to ChooseWM upon a window manager crash, which 
is very useful, because you can just start your window manager again and no 
data is lost except for your window layouts, although such crashes are very 
rare for I3WM in my experience.

        I nolonger use GDM or Gnome due to bloat and poor performance on the 
ancient hardware that I like to keep going for as long as possible to avoid 
electronic waste.  Increasingly, I only use console software (CLI, TUI, or 
Linux framebuffer) wherever possible, but still use X11 and I3WM for 
applications that I have not yet found a console alternative.

Kind regards,
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