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Re: Problem with Sheperd after `guix home reconfigure`

From: Hilton Chain
Subject: Re: Problem with Sheperd after `guix home reconfigure`
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2023 20:40:57 +0800

Hi Tanguy,

On Tue, 22 Aug 2023 18:33:05 +0800,
Tanguy LE CARROUR wrote:
> Hi Guix,
> This morning I `guix pull` and `guix system reconfigure` my system
> and everything seemed to be OK. But, when I `guix home reconfigure`,
> I got an error message:
> ```
> Loading /gnu/store/x103955zkwzkbmb9hji0dxc5fk7l8c3q-shepherd.conf.
> herd: error: exception caught while executing 'load' on service 'root':
> Unbound variable: %user-log-dir
> ```

Thank you for reporting the issue!

This is caused by a missing module in mcron's service definition, and
now it should be fixed in 552d0703776c532f25498d5cb852c3c497cb9252.

Please run `guix pull', then reconfigure the home environment.


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