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Re: How to delete per-user profiles

From: Roman Riabenko
Subject: Re: How to delete per-user profiles
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2023 09:45:27 +0300
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У сб, 2023-08-26 у 09:13 +0300, Roman Riabenko пише:
> У пт, 2023-08-25 у 17:01 -0300, Jorge пише:
> > I have removed (via Gnome Settings) user `jorge-morais' from my
> > Gentoo GNU/Linux system, but its Guix profiles remain.  
> If you only remove a user from GNOME Settings without removing it
> from
> the system configuration file, the user will re-appear in GNOME
> Settings on reboot or the next time the system is reconfigured and a
> home directory will be created for it if it was removed. (Such user
> would not appear in the login screen because the user is only re-
> created but not activated. The activation can be done in GNOME
> Settings.) Instead, to remove a user, you should remove its "user-
> account" form from the system configuration file [1] and reconfigure
> the system. You have to handle the user files yourself, e.g. remove
> the
> user's home directory. If you are also adding a user, you would want
> to
> do that in the configuration file too.
> [1]:

Sorry, I've just noticed that you are on Gentoo, not a Guix System, so
you manage the users from Gentoo, not from the guix configuration file.

> > How do I remove them, so Guix GC can clean the store?  Can I simply
> > remove the directory `/var/guix/profiles/per-user/jorge-morais' ?
> Those links are not removed automatically, so that directory needs to
> be removed by hand. When the links are removed and eventually you run
> "guix gc", it removes the unused profiles in the store.

This still applies.


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