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Re: How to delete per-user profiles

From: Roman Riabenko
Subject: Re: How to delete per-user profiles
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2023 09:13:21 +0300
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У пт, 2023-08-25 у 17:01 -0300, Jorge пише:
> I have removed (via Gnome Settings) user `jorge-morais' from my
Gentoo GNU/Linux system, but its Guix profiles remain.  

If you only remove a user from GNOME Settings without removing it from
the system configuration file, the user will re-appear in GNOME
Settings on reboot or the next time the system is reconfigured and a
home directory will be created for it if it was removed. (Such user
would not appear in the login screen because the user is only re-
created but not activated. The activation can be done in GNOME
Settings.) Instead, to remove a user, you should remove its "user-
account" form from the system configuration file [1] and reconfigure
the system. You have to handle the user files yourself, e.g. remove the
user's home directory. If you are also adding a user, you would want to
do that in the configuration file too.


> How do I remove them, so Guix GC can clean the store?  Can I simply
remove the directory `/var/guix/profiles/per-user/jorge-morais' ?

Those links are not removed automatically, so that directory needs to
be removed by hand. When the links are removed and eventually you run
"guix gc", it removes the unused profiles in the store.


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