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Help me ask for libssh signing/verifying signatures API

From: Nicolas Graves
Subject: Help me ask for libssh signing/verifying signatures API
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2023 21:03:13 +0200

Hi Guix,

Just a word of context. I've had difficulty in the past with GnuPG so
when I learned that signing commits was fine with only openssh (since
8.2 IIRC), I would like to stick with it. I develop regularly for guix
and RDE, and for some tasks, I believe a commit access to either can
help in some useful cases.

For now, the commit access to guix or any guix channel is dependent on
GnuPG, and I'm willing to help on the guix part to allow proper signing
for maintainers with ssh keys (I can't commit for a timing though). But
first we would need

1) to get libssh to implement those procedures that are in the API
documentation, but not in the code (see for more detail).

2) to get guile-ssh to implement those functions.

The first part could be sped up by some support on the issue

For those of you who have a gitlab account, could you hop in and leave a
like or a small support message?

Thanks a lot if you can!

Best regards,
Nicolas Graves

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