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Re: --debug LEVEL not documented in CLI

From: Wilko Meyer
Subject: Re: --debug LEVEL not documented in CLI
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2023 00:14:53 +0100

"jgart" <> writes:

I filed an issue[0] for this and attached a patch with a possible
suggestion on how to improve the --debug as well as --verbosity help
information on CLI as a first draft.

It, with the patch applied, now reads:

--debug=LEVEL      produce debugging output at LEVEL, value must be an integer
between 0 (more terse) and 5 (more verbose)

for debug, and:

-v, --verbosity=LEVEL  use the given verbosity LEVEL, value must be either 0 
(no output),
1 (quiet), 2 (quiet + download URLs) or 3 (build log on STDERR)

for verbosity, which should probably suffice to choose an (more)
appropriate debug/verbosity level when debugging from solely reading the
help information.

I tried to keep this as short as possible, a more detailed description
of the debug levels would probably be feasible for the general guix
documentation (also I'm not quite sure how to document them, e.g. what
the exact differences between the five levels are, except that it gets
more verbose, and when to choose which; maybe someone else is more
knowledgable on this?).


Kind regards,

Wilko Meyer

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