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Running guix system services only

From: Benjamin
Subject: Running guix system services only
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2023 17:47:06 +0100


I am trying to transfer smoothly from a standard Debian to a Guix system
on one of my servers.

What I would like to do for that is a "service-only" guix system.
Such a system would be able to run all existing system services but
without controling the bootloader / initrd / kernel / file-systems.
This guix system would run in parallel of the host linux.

I guess the idea would be to create some "noop" definitions
of bootloader / initrd / kernel / etc...
and then to "plug" into systemd (or whatever else) by running the
"activate script".

Did some of you have tried to run guix system only with the services
part ? If this is the case, how did you do ?

Maybe this use case is described somewhere in the doc, but I did not
find it.



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