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Re: Abstractio of Dovecot Users

From: Thorondir
Subject: Re: Abstractio of Dovecot Users
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2023 18:25:27 +0100
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Hi Marek,

On 11/20/23 23:40, Marek Paśnikowski wrote:
I would like to ask you, which dovecot service configuration parameters should 
I look at, for declaration of what I have seen on the net named “vmail”.

My immediate goal is to declare a dedicated inbox for DMARC reports and a bunch 
of aliases for 'marek' mail account, stored separately from the system's 
'marek' account.

Way back when I first started on the journey of email self-hosting, I found the ArchWiki[0] to have enough information to get me started. After doing that, do try to understand why it does what it does, because there is quite a bit of complexity in there.

But in short:

 * you create a local user [yes, usually "vmail"] who gets everything
   and stores it according to who it's supposed to be for
 * the question of "who is it for" is usually answered by entries in a
   database or map file
 * both postfix and dovecot need to know about and use the database or
   map file

Hope that helps,

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