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Re: Abstractio of Dovecot Users

From: Wojtek Kosior
Subject: Re: Abstractio of Dovecot Users
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2023 19:32:57 +0100

Cześć Marek :)

I also did set up self-hosted email under Guix (in a Guix container)
this year, with configuration here[1]. Right now I can describe it with
the same words you used – "ugly monolith".

So, you're using OpenSMTPD? Does it serve its purpose well? I used Exim
(since that was what I used before under Debian) but the Guix Exim
service misses some parts (e.g. working setuid in child Exims) so I
made a few workarounds. Does OpenSMTPD also have similar problems?

> Would you like a copy of my current system configuration for
> reference?

Sure :)

> prepare to use Linux From Scratch books to build my personal
> distribution of Guix

It can't be that bad? :) After all, it should be possible to either
include custom code in your projects via recursive git repositories or
put it into packages in your personal Guix channel or (I suppose this
is what you want) make your patches live on a git branch of Guix that
can be just `guix pull`'d.

Either way, I'd find it useful to see which of the approaches works out
the best for you. Would you be so nice to share your experiences after
a few months?



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On Wed, 22 Nov 2023 17:44:48 +0000 Marek Paśnikowski 
<> wrote:

> Email z Środa, 22 listopada 2023 od Thorondir:
> > Hi Marek,
> > 
> > On 11/20/23 23:40, Marek Paśnikowski wrote:  
> > > I would like to ask you, which dovecot service configuration parameters 
> > > should I look at, for declaration of what I have seen on the net named 
> > > “vmail”.
> > >
> > > My immediate goal is to declare a dedicated inbox for DMARC reports and a 
> > > bunch of aliases for 'marek' mail account, stored separately from the 
> > > system's 'marek' account.  
> > 
> > Way back when I first started on the journey of email self-hosting, I 
> > found the ArchWiki[0] to have enough information to get me started. 
> > After doing that, do try to understand why it does what it does, because 
> > there is quite a bit of complexity in there.
> > 
> > But in short:
> > 
> >   * you create a local user [yes, usually "vmail"] who gets everything
> >     and stores it according to who it's supposed to be for
> >   * the question of "who is it for" is usually answered by entries in a
> >     database or map file
> >   * both postfix and dovecot need to know about and use the database or
> >     map file  
> The reminder to reconfigure OpenSMTPD is helpful, thank you.

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