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Boot using rootfs as root

From: Arvid Krein
Subject: Boot using rootfs as root
Date: Sun, 26 Nov 2023 13:05:03 +0100
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Hello guix,

I im trying to kexec with the installation image as initrd. One hurdle I need to now overcome is that, if I understand it correctly, the `system-boot` procedure expects the new root to sit on some device that gets mounted and switch-root to in the end.

My issue is that if I pass the whole installation image as initrd then everything will end up in the deviceless rootfs. This means I do not actually need a switch-root. The boot code does however expect one and also expects to mount a device.

There are two solutions I can think of. First to change the code of `boot-system` to allow running directly on rootfs. The second one is to hamfist the rootfs into the requirements for the switch-root, maybe with and overlayfs?

While the first one seems nicer I prefer the second one since it seems it might be easier. Does anyone have an idea how to do this?



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