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Re: Installing software inside containers

From: Wojtek Kosior
Subject: Re: Installing software inside containers
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2023 23:09:12 +0100

Hi Caleb, nice to meet folks from Trisquel forum here :)

> Also, how do I map arbitrary directories?  With Podman, I would do
>       /home/$USER/.container/home/user:/home/user

You can pass `--share="/home/$USER/.container/home/user"=/home/user` :)

I can't help much with nesting Guix in a system container, tho — I'd
myself like to know if it is supported. I merely recall it's possible
with `guix shell -C` container. But a simple shell won't do in all
cases, I know


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On Sun, 26 Nov 2023 15:42:28 -0600 Caleb Herbert <> wrote:

> Hi Guix,
> I can't install software inside a Guix System container.  I need this to 
> use Guix Home inside a container.
> $ guix install hello
> guix install: error: remounting /gnu/store writable: Operation not permitted
> Do I need to --share=/gnu/store?
> I tried sharing a blank ./gnu directory, but it complained that there 
> were no programs to run the system.
> (Is sharing the host's /gnu/store with a container safe?)
> I created the container with
>          guix system container --network --share=home container.scm
> Also, how do I map arbitrary directories?  With Podman, I would do
>       /home/$USER/.container/home/user:/home/user
> Thanks,
> Caleb

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