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Re: Guix Home Issues: Redshift Service Won't Run (Problem with Wayland?)

From: Jaft
Subject: Re: Guix Home Issues: Redshift Service Won't Run (Problem with Wayland?)
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2023 14:06:48 -0600
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On Tuesday (November 28, 2023) at 05:45:28 AM CST, Tomas Volf wrote:
> [1  <text/plain; utf-8 (quoted-printable)>]
> On 2023-11-28 03:02:58 -0600, Jaft wrote:
> > I dunno if anyone would be able to help but I've had this issue where
> > the Redshift home service just won't run.
> > 
> > My config. is below but, as it's (relatively) long, I'll put it last.
> > 
> > Looking at ~herd status redshift~, it says that it's stopped and
> > disabled but, I also noticed, says it requires =x11-display=. I'm
> > guessing this may be a reason the service keeps getting disabled and
> > refuses to run?
> > 
> > But Redshift works with Wayland (I'm using the =redshift-wayland=
> > package); is there something I'm supposed to do to get the service to
> > play nice with Wayland? I'm running XWayland.
> I do not use redshift nor wayland, so this is based just on a quick look at 
> the
> service definition.  If you check the gnu/home/services/desktop.scm file,
> definition of redshift-shepherd-service, you will see that the dependency on
> x11-display is non-conditional.
> As a test, you could just remove the requirement from the shepherd service and
> see if that helps.  If it does work, the dependency should probably be made
> optional.  I do not know if there is something like wayland-display service.

So I tried removing ~(requirement '(x11-display))~ from
=redshift-shepherd-service= but that resulted in an error from
~string-append~ (trying to append ~#f~).

So I commented out the adjustment of the =DISPLAY= variable in
~#:environment-variables~ and that resulted in, finally, no errors but
Redshift, nevertheless, failing.

Since the environment variable was returning ~#f~, I hardcoded it to
"0:0" and set =WAYLAND_DISPLAY= to "wayland-1"; and that did the trick!

At least, it seems so; I see it running in =htop=, now; going to have
to wait until later tonight to see if things get less blue.

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