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Fwd: Assistance Needed with Custom Guix Package for gcc-arm-none-eabi

From: Iwinosa Aideyan
Subject: Fwd: Assistance Needed with Custom Guix Package for gcc-arm-none-eabi
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2023 00:20:16 -0500

Dear  Guix Community,
This is the issues I am facing.
Issue Description:
I have been attempting to install gcc-arm-none-eabi-10.3-2021.10 using a
custom package definition in Guix. The extracted tarball contains
directories such as bin, lib, share, and arm-none-eabi, with the latter
containing its own bin, lib, include, and share directories.

Steps Taken:
Created a package definition using (build-system copy-build-system).
Mapped source directories from the tarball to destination directories in
the Guix store via #:install-plan.
Encountered an error during the 'install' phase with the log indicating
"Wrong type to apply: 'bin'".
Made several adjustments to the #:install-plan to accurately reflect the
directory structure, but the issue persists.

*Error Encountered*:
The build log shows a Scheme syntax issue:

ice-9/eval.scm:213:21: Wrong type to apply:
builder for
failed with exit code 1
build of
View build log at
guix build: error: build of

I suspect the issue lies in how directories are defined for copying, but I
am unsure how to resolve it. Any insights or suggestions you could provide
to help resolve this issue would be immensely appreciated.

Thank you for your time and assistance.


*winosa Winifred AideyanPh.D. Student || Graduate
Assistant (She/Her)College of Engineering Computing and Applied Science*
*B15A Riggs Hall,*

*Clemson University,Clemson, SC 2963.*

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