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GuixSD automated installation

From: Ian Eure
Subject: GuixSD automated installation
Date: Tue, 02 Jan 2024 16:01:44 -0800
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On Debian, you can create a preseed file containing answers to all the questions you’re prompted for during installation, and build a new install image which includes it. When booted, this installer skips any steps which have been preconfigured, which allows for either fully automated installation, or partly automated (prompt for hostname and root password, but otherwise automatic).

Does Guix have a way to do something like this? The declarative config is more or less the equivalent of the Debian preseed file, but I don’t see anything that lets you build an image that’ll install a configuration.

I see there’s `guix deploy', but that requires an already-installed GuixSD to work, which isn’t helpful for getting it installed in the first place.


 — Ian

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