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Re: [META] How to effectively ask for help with Guix?

From: Ian Eure
Subject: Re: [META] How to effectively ask for help with Guix?
Date: Tue, 02 Jan 2024 20:30:35 -0800
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Hi Ben,

I’ve seen some of your posts, and haven’t had any help to offer. Your questions remind me of others I’ve seen, where someone gets into the weeds of a problem and asks weedy questions, when they should be asking big picture questions. I don’t know for if that’s the case here, but it seems like a possibility. At the very least, I’ve found that explaining how I got to the point of having a specific question almost always gets better results. In the many, many cases where I’ve been on the wrong path, this has allowed people to suggest better approaches that I didn’t know about, or hadn’t considered.

I’d also note that the last three weeks are typically a much slower time of year for people in the US due to the holidays, and that almost certainly means that you’ll get slower responses (if any) for this type of thing.

 — Ian

Ben Weinstein-Raun <> writes:

[[PGP Signed Part:Undecided]]

I notice that I haven't been able to get much help with Guix, via any route. Having asked six or seven questions[^1] over the last three weeks (on this list, on the subreddit, and on the IRC channel), I've received help with only one of those problems (thanks nckx!). Ultimately I've cobbled together crappy solutions to my problems over that time, but a couple knowledgeable responses could have saved me dozens of hours.

I'd love to wholeheartedly recommend Guix, because technically speaking I much prefer it to Nix, and to the "classic" alternatives. I'm hugely grateful that it exists! Of course it's nobody's responsibility to answer beginner questions! But at the moment, I'm going to need to give
a big caveat with any recommendation: "The Guix documentation is
relatively high-quality, but if you want to understand anything that isn't explained there, you should expect to dive much deeper than you would with most tools, as it's quite hard to get any engagement fr
people who know the answers to your questions."

One possibility is that there just aren't many people who know those answers. If that's true, then there's not much to be done. Another is that I've gone about this wrongly somehow, in which case I'd love to know how I could do better (in reply to this message is great, though I also have an anonymous feedback form you can use, if you want to be really ruthless :-) And another possibility is that I've just been unlucky, either with timing, or with
the particular questions I've wanted to ask.

Anyway, what, if anything, could I be doing better? I've read and try to follow the advice at, but it's been a while and it occurs to me that I should refresh myself.
What else?

Thanks for any meta-help!

- - -

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