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How to luks encrypt raid drive

From: mike
Subject: How to luks encrypt raid drive
Date: Mon, 01 Jan 2024 19:32:42 +0000

Hi All,

In my system config file I added a raid drive like so:

(mapped-devices (list (mapped-device
(source (uuid
(target "guix")
(type luks-device-mapping))

(source (list "/dev/sdb1" "/dev/sdc1"))
(target "/dev/md0")
(type raid-device-mapping))))

;; The list of file systems that get "mounted". The unique
;; file system identifiers there ("UUIDs") can be obtained
;; by running 'blkid' in a terminal.

(file-systems (cons* (file-system
(mount-point "/")
(device "/dev/mapper/guix")
(type "ext4")
(dependencies (list (list-ref mapped-devices 0))))

(mount-point "/mnt/nas")
(device "/dev/md0")
(type "ext4")
(mount? #f)
(dependencies (list (list-ref mapped-devices 1)))) %base-file-systems)))

I'd now like to luks encrypt the raid drive but I'm not sure exactly how to go 
about doing it. Do I simply make another mapped-device object, specifying the 
raid drive uuid and "/dev/md0" as the target

(source (uuid
"raid uuid"))
(target "/dev/md0")
(type luks-device-mapping))

and then pass that as a dependency to the raid file system object?


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